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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Few Party Pics (in lazy order) - UK Reception

The Family - as it was Christmas 2003

Beer Monster Graham

Just cos I can't be arsed rotating - here is Mother and Son having a knees up

Good ol' Naz in da house

The lods

Our table - pissed

Their table - pissed

The olds

Me an' Tony lad - only months before the upgraded haircut - G-style

Me an' Wha Lass

Aroond the Hoose

Chillin with my nan

Grandma and Granddad

Dr. Evil/Dr. No


Say What?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

All About Charly

Nice and clean

What a good laugh

Asleep on Daddy

Smily Charly

Beautiful Eyes

It's not easy being this cute

With Auntie Sarah

With Aunite Claire

With Auntie Jane

My First Trip Outside

She's a Thumb Sucker

I like my Dummy

New born

First Picture 6Ib 11oz

In Mummies Tummy at 8 months

Ultrasound @ 7 months

On the Piss

Playing indoor footy in Boston, winter 2005. A championship winning season - not.

Front Right - Me, The General, The Pitbull and The Bangal Tiger. Back Right - Stalin, Taliban, Boris the Blade, Nutjob.

Skiing trip with mates in New Hampshire winter 2005.

Nice to see Ak on his feet.

Me, Jim, Tony and Gaz - catching up Ilkley style winter 2006 - first reunion since moving back.

Gay lovers

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Pics of the Kids at the Gordon Pad