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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Angel

Ha ha

We can hope anyway...

The two of Us

Monday, March 27, 2006

Chelsea vs. AC Milan

Summer 2004, manged to land some sweet tickets to the Chelsea game at Foxboro - needless to say we got absolutely hammered.
Here's some pics....sorry can't be bothered annotating - you know who your are.....

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Few Party Pics (in lazy order) - UK Reception

The Family - as it was Christmas 2003

Beer Monster Graham

Just cos I can't be arsed rotating - here is Mother and Son having a knees up

Good ol' Naz in da house

The lods

Our table - pissed

Their table - pissed

The olds

Me an' Tony lad - only months before the upgraded haircut - G-style

Me an' Wha Lass

Aroond the Hoose

Chillin with my nan

Grandma and Granddad

Dr. Evil/Dr. No


Say What?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

All About Charly

Nice and clean

What a good laugh

Asleep on Daddy

Smily Charly

Beautiful Eyes

It's not easy being this cute

With Auntie Sarah

With Aunite Claire

With Auntie Jane

My First Trip Outside

She's a Thumb Sucker

I like my Dummy

New born

First Picture 6Ib 11oz

In Mummies Tummy at 8 months

Ultrasound @ 7 months

On the Piss

Playing indoor footy in Boston, winter 2005. A championship winning season - not.

Front Right - Me, The General, The Pitbull and The Bangal Tiger. Back Right - Stalin, Taliban, Boris the Blade, Nutjob.

Skiing trip with mates in New Hampshire winter 2005.

Nice to see Ak on his feet.

Me, Jim, Tony and Gaz - catching up Ilkley style winter 2006 - first reunion since moving back.

Gay lovers